Words of Magic- Final Transformation

To become enlightened, you can do the same as Maxx. You can spend over €15,000 on multiple trips to the Middle East to spend months with Teachers, separating yourself from all your friends and family. You could spend months on a pilgrimage across Europe, in the hopes a teacher will find you, and hit you with the magical enlightenment stick. Or, you could continue as you are. Where nothing will change.

Or you can see if life gets better by trying to get people to understand you. You could spend hundreds on a counsellor who will simply improve your articulation of what’s wrong with you. Or maybe you can really get people to treat you in a way that makes you feel complete and loved. Or how about trying a gratitude journal, write your way to positivity. But how long will that last?

Try all of these things. See if anything of these is constant. Can you know what is constant? Well the people who have done the Words of Magic do. 100% of all the people who have done this with Maxx know their true nature. No longer needing to focus on positive thoughts, to be positive. Not wishing to be someone else. And certainly not searching for someone else to make them feel accepted.

Maxx only takes on a maximum of five new people a month to ensure he can fully dedicate himself to liberating you. There is a Charge for the Words of Magic- Final Transformation. The reason for this is to ensure that you are Committed to the process, as you have invested in this.

The Cost of Maxx’s Words of Magic is discounted from €1800, to just €1500 at the moment. This Final Transformation will give you Four Sessions, after which you will be Free once and For all. And not only that, if at the end of the Final Transformation, you do not feel this was worth the price, we will Refund the cost back to you, plus €50. This is how certain we are that this is worth every cent.

So book in Now, Join Life’s Revolution, and come to know the light of Who you are!

If you want to Learn more about the Words of Magic Your Final Transformation, please find common FAQ’s here. Or if you want to Learn more about the Path before you talk to Maxx, please check out our Free Resources.

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We also have a Facebook Group, if you would like to join our community. Here we will discuss how you can end your journey, and you can ask any questions to Maxx.

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Kevin (USA, 2021)

Toni (USA, 2021)

Simon (Thailand, 2021)

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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