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Here are some Videos from Maxx! These videos are designed to help you to free yourself from pain, and start to understand that you can be liberated. That Enlightenment is for everyone, not just the few! When you are ready to be free, you can learn more about the Words of Magic- Final Transformation here!

These videos including samples of the Words of Magic from Maxx, words to help you simplify your Life. In addition to this, Maxx runs free Events every third Sunday of every Month. Contact Maxx at the bottom of this page, or find the previous recordings, or book for the next event go straight to the Event Page Here!

The most recent video is the first one below, for previous recordings just scroll down!

This video will get 1M views. Here’s why | Beyond Non Duality & Spirituality & Law of Attraction

How to KNOW permanently & free yourself in LIFE | Beyond Non Duality, wake up now

You are MAGIC | Beyond Non Duality, awakening now

You can let it all go now | Beyond Non Duality

How to free yourself from fear | Awakening, Non Duality, Anxiety

Who am I? Or the 1 Billion Dollar question to start awakening & stop suffering

Why classic Non Duality hasn’t liberated your mind just yet – and why this might work

Could you prove that you are NOT free yet?

Start waking up in 56 seconds | the power of Now… is now!

Talking Radical Freedom | Beyond Non Duality | Giselle Suarez & Maxx Verhamme

Non Duality talk by 2 awakened NoBodies | Andrew Kirschbaum & Maxx Verhamme

How to stop overthinking INSTANTANEOUSLY | Non Duality Pointers, clear mind, awakening now

Free will vs Fate – There is nobody thinking either way | Non Duality Pointers, Awakening Now

Awaken now from thinking you can’t (EASY) | Non Duality pointers, awakening, enlightened mind

How this ‘somebody’ finally disappears – Ego Death | Non Duality, Nonduality

To all Truth seekers: STOP! Your words ARE Truth

The REAL meaning of Love – free of the search for Love

Life is ALWAYS amazing. Thinking otherwise is nonsense

The Seeker never finds, that’s why he seeks! Who you are cannot be found, only Known

Moment of Truth: The elephant in the room – whatever you don’t want, isn’t there

The Simple Reasons you’re Not Happy… You never complain because you are unhappy. You complain, that’s what makes you unhappy. You can complain about what I just said. You can blame the messenger. You can create these problems for yourself. Which make you unhappy. You can complain that you complain, you can try to understand why you complain and complain that you don’t understand, that there are either a thousand reasons or no reason at all. It’s endless. Or, you can stop.

Moment of Truth: We’re starting a series of videos where Maxx will be talking through Truth. Here he talks about What is Enlightenment, and why you might want to be Enlightened in your lifetime.

The End of Suffering – Enlightenment!

Welcome Home… There is Nothing to Control!

I am just a Thought crossing your Mind, Right Now!

This is It!! Let me Wake you up Now!

What are you Meant For?

Guilt is just a Memory!

Is there a Reason to Life? Who you are, can’t be Understood!

What if this Was It?

Who you Are? A few Words of Magic are all you need to be Free!

Stress.. Is this a HUGE THING? or not? A few minutes to be free of the idea of Stress might be all it takes!

How to be free of Addiction in Less than 5 mins! Not possible? Its only 5 minutes, what have you to lose?

The largest pandemic that ever will be. Are you infected?

Do you know what you are looking for?

If not, maybe you know that you can know. It’s all it takes.

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Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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