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After a violent sexual experience at a young age, I started a quest into what life itself is. This search carried through into everything I did, and started me down a never-ending path seeking Happiness, Love and Peace. I wanted to feel endless Happiness, to permanently escape feelings of depression that arose. I was desperate to change how my mind functioned to what I envied in others, to stop how I would daydream for hours on end and become the son my parents dreamt of having. To become sharp, quick to understand and analytical. I wanted to be able to control my emotions and have my mind work in a way I wanted. Simply put, I wanted to be different.

As I grew older I felt like my mind was wrong. That I wasn’t smart enough, that I couldn’t think quickly enough, or analyse information correctly. Everything felt like an effort, trudging uphill through mud. Or I’d end up staring endlessly into space, day-dreaming. I became more desperate to change how my very mind functioned. Seeking diagnoses from psychiatrists and psychologists, hoping they could change the fundamental patterns of my brain. All I found were more and more diagnoses to tell me that I was broken in different ways, whether it was depressed, suffering with a form of ADHD, or cognitively slow. Yet I knew that this could not be the case, as I had always been gifted with words. Exceptional at understanding people and instinctively knowing what problems held them back in their life. To then help them to wake up to these challenges and support them in addressing them.

As I continued to always help people, this only fuelled my endless search for love in a continual stream of different relationships. As these relationships failed, I embroiled myself further into Spiritual Dreams looking for answers. Spending time with energy healers, training in meditation, meeting magnatists, completing the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme. As time went on, my search became more and more desperate as nothing changed. Despite endless people in my life telling me that I was seeking something impossible, somehow I knew that they were wrong.

Knowing that I would find Truth drove me on Tirelessly

As I became more convinced that I had to search further from home, I ended up walking over a thousand miles on the Camino across Europe looking for any spiritual teacher who could wake me. I travelled out to Nepal, India, Thailand and learnt more about Buddhism, Meditation and Yoga. Drinking the ‘cool-aid’, I ended up in Vipassana, jumping from one person’s teaching to walking on the Camino again. Creating a ‘to- do’ list of spiritual tick- boxes, seeking a new teacher everywhere I went.

The search ended for me in a final trip to India. I recognised I was awake. The drop, dropped. As I awoke to my true nature, I started to finally understand, a ‘teacher’ only guides you to your true nature. As you are the only one who knows. You simply need a ‘teacher’ to show you where to place your feet. To help you know the truth of your very nature, which only you can know.

And that was it, my final questions dropped, one after another, after another. My search ended in early 2020. I sat simply on a bed, listening to one of my wife’s favourite songs ‘You’re Welcome’ from Moana. In that moment the final drop dropped. And I was finally liberated. I knew the Truth of my Story, I was Enlightened. Life became simpler, I no longer sought Love. No longer desperate to experience Happiness. The drama in my life disappeared like a cloud in a sunny sky. And that is my life now, endless days of simple sunshine in my very nature.

What is True, is, What YOU Know

I find simple pleasure in the joy of living with my wife, Amy and my real Masters (three beautiful fluffy cats). As time passed on, I found a continual echo in my day to day exchanges with people. It was a call. It is my gift. As I have always been gifted at helping others to see the truth of the stories they tell themselves in their life. Throughout my life I would continually have a group of people surrounding me, asking for help. It is this gift to see what holds people back from waking to their very nature. To know those few simple words that will wake them. Using this gift, I created my own personal Words of Magic, Your Final Transformation, and introduced people to the Story of Who they are, allowing them to know their nature. Find out more on the Words of Magic: Final Transformation sessions Here!

So, if you have ended up here, it might be that you are ready for the end of your path. Or, maybe you are simply curious. Whatever it is, please remember that this was the my path. This is not your path. This is simply a beautiful story of how my search ended. Of how I escaped the drama stories, how I know love and no longer search for it. How I no longer believe that my mind is broken. Your search is different. What brought you to your search is different. But all searches are beautiful stories. If you are still reading this, you may be ready for the dream to end. To wake up.

If you are, I would love to hear from you. As I wish nothing more, than for you to know the Light of Who you Are. For you to know the Story of You.

As all you might need to Wake Up are a few Words of Magic

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