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In these podcasts, Maxx Verhamme talks to truth, through pointing and with examples so that you can relate, and hear the Magic Trick. It is crucial to listen to them, as it will help you reach the end of your path. You may even realise you already are at the end, impatient to know your True Nature, to be liberated.

The podcasts will take you to the end of the journey and help to prepare you for the Words of Magic with the Magician. In your preparation you will hear the calling for Liberation. When you do please get in touch for the final Magic Trick – Words of Magic. This is a clear, tailor-made, logical and direct approach to point you to the Truth. So that you Awaken, once and for all. Here you can learn more about the Words of Magic!

In each of these podcasts Maxx will cover a variety of topics, but if there is a particular topic you want Maxx to talk about, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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