If you would like a further taste of the Words of Magic or if you have questions, we would be delighted to welcome you during a live online Event with Maxx Verhamme. These events are free and are held on YouTube every Friday at 17:00 GMT.  There is a theme for each Event, but you are free to ask any questions that you want to raise to Maxx. For example ‘Why aren’t I happy?’ through to ‘Should I get a Dog?’ or ‘Is there a God?’. There are no silly questions! This is your time, and all that Maxx’s wants if for the World to Wake up. And this starts with you!

If you want to be liberated from your past memories in less than 10minutes, you will also find a short video here. Or if you are ready for real transformation in your life now, watch Maxx’s latest 3 ways to Transform without leaving your Couch now!

If you would like to watch previous recordings of his other Events, please find them below. Or go to his YouTube channel and watch these now!

Event: Find out the REAL meaning of Love – free yourself from the search for Love!

Event: A Live Awakening to your True Nature! Do you wonder what is it like to know your nature, well watch as one of Max’s clients starts to wake up!

Event: Question and Answer: Why do we Question? Its a very natural part of our life, but does this help to bring us freedom?

Event: Question and Answer: What is Enlightenment? And what is the real benefit? Find out more here!

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Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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