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You are Alive! So the big Question- How do you want to live?

It does not matter how you found this site, the Search you are on can End Here. Whether this is a Hope for a Different Life, a Dream to be someone Better, a Need to leave Negativity Behind. This is an Invitation to You, to end this Search and to Enjoy your Life. Simply the Way it is. It’s the Greatest Gift in the World. Through these pages you’ll find samples of the Words of Magic in many formats, whether you want to Listen, Watch, Events and Read to help you End your Search. And when you are ready, Join Maxx for the Words of Magic, so you can finally be Free, once and for all.

Hello You, I have someone I want to Introduce You to. And they are amazing. It is You, Simply You, without all the Stories of Who you should be. It is simply You, just You, your very Nature.

Listen to the Words of Magic

In these podcasts, Maxx talks to truth – by using examples so that you can relate to, and so you may hear a Magic Trick. It is crucial to listen to them, as it will help you reach the end of your path, or you may even realise you already are at the end. If you are at the end of the journey, these podcasts will also help prepare you for Words of Magic. This is a call of Liberation!

In these, Maxx covers a variety of topics, but if there is a particular topic you want him to talk about, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you! For more information on Maxx’s podcasts look below, or Click Here!

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Watch the Words of Magic

Maxx’s videos include a small sample of Maxx’s Words of Magic. The Latest Video from Maxx is below! These words will help you simplify your Life! We also have recordings of Webinar’s. These free Webinar’s take place on the third Sunday of every Month and cover a variety of different topics. Contact Maxx at the links at the bottom of the page if you would like to participate or go straight to the Event Page Here! You can find all of his Videos Here!

Read Words of Magic

Here you will find the latest Words of Magic posts that you can read through to help you realise you are at the end of your Journey. Or you can read their current article published in More to Life Here.

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Words of Magic

Do you know What you are Looking For?

Life can be a Journey, where Everyday we Create Stories about who we Think we Are, who We Should be, what we Have Done, what we Should Do, what we Dream of Having. We then Write these Down into a Storybook, that we Carry with us Everyday. And when Something We do not like happens, or We Have an Argument with Someone, we Read our Storybook. These Stories can be Painful, or make us feel Happy, or Sad. They cause Drama and Suffering in our Lives, as you over Think, Analyse or Wish that life was Different to what it is.

But what if you could Stop Reading your Storybook? And instead come to Know the Story of Who You Are? This is what it is to be Enlightened. You no longer read your Storybook. You leave behind the Suffering and Drama that comes with it. You simply Enjoy Everyday as it is.

The First Step for this is to come to know the Story of Who You Are, to simply Know the Answer to the Question ‘Who am I?’. After this happens you will Clear through the Questions that run through your mind, until the Final Question is cleared. You know Who You Are, and You are Liberated. 

Through his Words of Magic, Maxx will tell you the Story of Who You Are. Introducing you to your True Nature. After which he will help to Clear the Questions that your Mind creates so that you will be Free of Suffering and Drama in your Life. Life is no longer a Search. Life is Life. You can Enjoy Everyday Simply as it is.

Because What else are you Looking for?  

Maxx’s Path

Since Maxx was a small child, he searched for something better. With an endless drive to try and fundamentally change who he was, to attain a life filled with endless joy. In his search, he spent time with Therapists, Energy Workers, different retreats, travelling through Europe and Asia in the hope of finding The Answer. Only when he finally found the truth of ‘Who am I?’ was he liberated. If you want to learn more about his path, you can find out here.

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Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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