Path to Freedom

Come to know the Light of Who you Are

For like the Stars

Its Always there, Lighting away the Darkness

What if you were in a job where you are demoted as they don’t think you are capable?

Relationship after relationship chasing this person for love, only to have them push you away?

What if you were constantly drowning in negative chatter in your mind, frustrated that life was not what you wanted?

But what if in despite all of this, you knew that one day, you could be free of all this pain. So you pursue this idea. Trying counselling, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, energy healing. But nothing really changes.

Your friends and family tell you, that you are chasing a dream. That this doesn’t exist and you should accept life is the way it is. That it didn’t matter if you were unhappy. It didn’t matter it feels like you were floating through someone else’s life. That you should just accept it.

Well that was me over four years ago. Eventually I had enough, I knew that regardless of what my friends and family told me, enough was enough. If I was really going to find happiness in life, that I would have to leave everything behind. And that’s what I did. I walked out of my job, and started walking a pilgrimage across France and Spain.

The journey was magical, in the first few days, I met the woman that I would later marry. We were completely in step with each other. We would read signs into everything that happened, trusting in a concept of a universe guiding us towards something better. Regardless of everything starting to fall into place, something still didn’t feel right. My thoughts would race through negative stories. I didn’t have anything that I wanted to do. I couldn’t appreciate what I had in front of me, I knew there was something I was missing. The fundamental basis of life.

So I travelled again. Leaving behind my newly found relationship, not sure when I would see her again. My feet took me on a pilgrimage through Portugal, then trying the extreme Vipassana (where you stay in silence for almost 2 weeks) and even ending up out in East Asia. Spending all this time hoping I would find the trick to true happiness, bliss. I was determined that Enlightenment was not a myth.

After all this searching, I then found the magic trick. I learnt my true nature. I know who I am. But what people don’t know, is the freedom this means. This is the final transformation of anyone’s life. My life is complete, just as it is. I no longer wish for a different life. I no longer think I am not enough. And this is what my Words of Magic will give you, where all your stories become a painless memory. Freedom from pain in your life because you come to know the ground, that is who you are.  

I want you to start your journey now! I don’t want you to have to wait! Start here, to understand in less than 10 minutes what the Power of Now is, and how you can use this to free yourself from the pain of past memories. When you are ready, I will help you to Transform your life, with my 60 min Webinar ‘3 Ways to Transform without Leaving your Couch‘. Bringing you instant transformation, without you having to practice or try to be anything. You just simply start your journey to freeing yourself, from negative thoughts, painful memories. Simply put, to start your journey towards enlightenment!

If you are ready you can start the Words of Magic Final Transformation Here to Join Life’s Revolution, to Enjoy Everyday Simply as it is!

If you aren’t sure yet and want to know more about your True Nature, and what it means to be Enlightened and enjoy Every Day just as it is, please go here for all our Free Material. Or we would love to have you at our next Free Online Event!

We also have a Facebook Group, if you would like to join our community. Here we will discuss how you can end your journey, and you can ask any questions to me.

Find the success stories from my Clients here!

Review from Maria (UK, 2020)

20 years ago, I had a serious accident that left me permanently paralysed. At the time, my two younger children were just 11 and 13. Just 15 months later my husband died suddenly from a heart attack at just 51. I lost so many things I loved… But I refused to address the emotional or mental issues. I felt if I tried to, I would stop being able to function. When I realised saw benefit Max’s brought to his life, I asked him to help me. To my great relief and delight he did. My fears have gone. I’m not saying I do not feel. I get happy, I get angry, but deep within me, there is a calm and peace. Thank you Maxx, for Everything.

Review from Yassir (France, 2021)

Frustration was really a big issue for me. I had the impression that life wasn’t good enough and that I was missing something better. After completing Maxx’s Final Transformation, I realised that it wasn’t true. It was just a story I used to tell myself again and again. I feel liberated and free NOW.

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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