Believe it, Or Not, Still just a Thought

Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child? I certainly did, and when I thought of Santa of course he existed, till I was told he didn’t. And I validated this thought, when someone told me he didn’t exist. I checked in my thoughts, in my mind. Where was the proof Santa existed.

This is the same as when I used to be told ‘I’m not confident’ or ‘I’m not a nice person’ or ‘I am a nice person’. The way the mind naturally works, is we look for faults. This is a primal setting for us. We look for the errors. This kept us safe from eating poisonous berries. Because our mind is looking naturally for the validation. And if you have a choice between not eating, and eating poisonous berries, of course, it would be better for us to not eat the poisonous berries, right?

This is true, up until the point you wake up to a Thought, is just a Thought.

And this links exactly into the power that drama and stories have over us, until we wake up. Till we know the only truth. Who you are. Once you know the only constant, Who you are. And you have the potential to then free your mind. And this starts by knowing that a thought is just a thought.

So any belief is just a thought too. And if you look for it, you look for evidence of it. Can you locate it in your mind? No, why, because a belief if just a thought crossing your mind. If you choose to believe it, it will become your reality. So why believe, and look for evidence of truth in negative beliefs of yourself? It literally only causes you pain. Because if you look for evidence of truth in a thought, you will find it. It will become your reality. But once you know, and truly know, that it’s just a thought, how can beliefs have power over you? It’s just a thought crossing your mind right now. It is not your reality, unless you want it to be.

Your only constant is the truth of Who you are. So let go of your belief. Let go of your thought. You are not what you think you are. Because the truth of who you are can’t be explained in words. It can’t be limited by the parameters we use to live our lives. It’s just us trying to put words on the indescribable. You are free… Always, and indescribable. You don’t need to limit yourself, you don’t need to limit your life with beliefs of who you are. Because thoughts are not consistent. They are not constant. They change. Just as your beliefs change over your lifetime. So let go of the drama of telling yourself you are not enough, you’re a bad person, you’re not beautiful. It’s just a thought. You don’t need to look for evidence of it. You don’t need to make it your reality. Even if you find evidence of it in your memories, it’s just a thought. And will be gone soon. So don’t dwell on it. Because you are beautiful, wonderous, boundless, unlimited, just as you are.

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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