The Smell of Victory

Our lives are starting to get back to normal with the Olympics coming up. But in the times of National pride, we can start to play this win and lose game with others. You won the Gold, but we only got a Bronze.

But until we chose to stop playing this with ourselves, it isn’t a fun game to play. This is because we associate this to mean something, this has a perceived value. Which makes us less, or others less. We can miss the celebration of simply playing, the pure joy of living.

If this wasn’t enough, we now live in a culture of participation awards. This perpetuates the idea that you have to make yourself feel good about simply trying something, which can create further drama. Because we couldn’t possibly accept that you aren’t good at something. We couldn’t possible appreciate someone for being better at us than an Egg and Spoon race.

Being awake, I enjoy watching others succeed. Watching England in the Euro’s final was wonderful, and I celebrated the Italian’s winning. This is because for the first time in over 50 years England reached a Final. But all the papers talk about is the pain of losing this Game. And the inevitable racist attacks on some of the players. Gone is the joy of the victory of reaching the Final.

Now why do we miss this? Because we simply don’t place value in the playing of the Game. We’ve missed that simply joy. We’ve missed the victory we had of enjoying the match. We’re still embroiled in the Win- Lose game. But nothing can take from you. Nothing can make you less. Nothing can give you more. This is simply put, chasing an experience, a feeling of victory.

So even with all the participation bubbles we place around each other, we still want to be the best. And we can miss the simply joy of right now. If you want to learn more to enjoy right now. To put the past behind you, check out Maxx’s video on the Power of Now, and free yourself to the present moment. Forever. As that is all there ever is!

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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