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At some point when I was a kid, I started to confuse the reactions of my body, or how I behave with the idea of ‘Emotions’. When this happened I became conditioned that these emotions couldn’t just disappear. And with that I’d have to work these emotions out of my systems or wait for them to be ‘Released’ if they were bad emotions. Or I’d start that painful story that if emotions weren’t ‘dealt’ with, that they’d be trapped, compiling themselves into my body, causing ‘trauma’.

But the reactions in my body are just a reaction to my environment, or what I feed into my body. Nothing more. The association of words of emotions can create an experience of what you associate the emotion to. I always found this funny when we talk of peace. You can suddenly have the feeling of peace.

Being awake, is to know your true nature. Enlightenment is that you are no longer a slave to your mind. And one of the things that can hold you back is holding onto emotions. What they mean to you, and what others make them mean to your interactions.

As soon as you can recognise that emotions are words, your bodies reactions and behaviours are simply that… a reaction. Then you can start to unravel the conditioning that we all have from emotions and the supposed impact they have.

To start to free yourself from this, play with the words of emotions. See what happens. When someone tells you are angry, see what happens. See if you immediately check your body for a reaction. And then see how long it lasts really. See if it really is real. And watch as this starts to unravel!

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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