Accept the Unacceptable… Er… No Thanks

So many people in the spiritual world say you need to accept everything in life to be happy. To really love everything, everything needs to be accepted.

I can understand the confusion on this. We think complaining about life means we don’t accept what’s going on. We can also confuse aggravation from things that piss us off. Thinking this means that we don’t have total love for everything and everyone in life. This might create unhappiness. That may be because of a negative feeling, this makes us a bad person.

But this is not true. I’m certain you know, feelings come and go. They don’t mean anything about you. And this is true about acceptance, it also comes and goes. Sometimes we have an opinion on one point. But then this changes.

But there are some things that will never be acceptable. For example, rape, murder etc. How can anyone accept this. And when anyone talks of complete acceptance. The actual complete acceptance is to accept that there are some things that will always be unacceptable.

So there is nothing to try and accept in life. Either you naturally accept things in life, or, you accept that you don’t accept certain things in life. And that is it, there is nothing else to do!

If there are other things that you find difficulty with, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

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