Presumptions and Judgements

We tootled out of the house for a walk on the beach yesterday. And the minute we left the house, our neighbour accosted us about arguments that she’s been having with another neighbour. Basically their kids are calling each other names. We quickly extracted ourselves from the circular argument, but it left me thinking about the ways we treat each other.

People always make presumptions and judgements. There’s always a hero and a villain. How many times do people tell you that they are the villain in their story? Almost never right? We are only ever the victim, or hero in our own story. So… if this is true, there must be no villains in the world, right?

And this is the drama that we create for ourselves and others. I see this in Social Media daily, as I trail through a Newsfeed. People almost trying to out- do each other on witty offensive retorts. And I seek them out, the story is entertaining to me. But it occurs to me, what does this mean about how we treat each other?

One of the beauties of being awake in life, is that peoples judgement doesn’t bother me. Its an opinion, nothing else. This has no power, its a thought, literally just a thought. And I don’t hold onto thoughts. They don’t cause me pain in the way that they used to. But the negative side is I’m also a LOT freer with saying what is actually going through my head. But this doesn’t mean the recipient can take this the same way that I do.

Judging freely, is part of being Enlightened. But it doesn’t mean that I want to live in a world where people just freely insult each other all the time. And this is the culture that exists in Social Media. So just because an insult wouldn’t impact us, doesn’t mean that we should throw it round like it means nothing. Because what rolls off my back, will leave bruises on others. Even when this is in the Cyber- Ether… So I’m going to practice being the change I want to see in the world.. (and stop trolling people 😉 )

So what change do you want to see in the world?

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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