But I don’t Understand, Sir?

I remember when I was searching for teachers on the Path, I constantly looked inwards. My husband Maxx was the opposite though, he saw teachers everywhere. Thinking that they would have the answer. We were both wrong, and we were both right.

In isolation neither of us would have woken up to our true Nature. And I think Kevin, one of Maxx’s recent clients summarises this really well. The best teachers help you to wake up. And this is waking up to the truth of your real nature. A real teacher will point your nature to you, clearly, succinctly. And it is you who wakes yourself up. You are the one that will know the truth that your stories are just thoughts. And you are the one that will recognise and know the truth of who you are.

Anyone can easily collect the knowledge of who they are. Anyone can easily quote, I am now, I am awareness, I am ever lasting presence. And I found this in people who would tell me they were teachers on the path. Some were awake, some were creating spiritual stories which would make the ‘Story of their Nature’ something mystical. And who you are, who you really are isn’t spiritual. It isn’t mystical. It is so simple, it is easily missed. And that’s why the best teachers point you clearly.

It is extremely difficult to find a good teacher. Most people I met on the path, drift from one teacher to another. Others have created something spiritual of their true nature. And a few have come to know the real truth of who they are. I am not a lucky person, I was the first person Maxx poked until they became enlightened. And I can say from my own experience of his teachings, is that he is the most genuine teacher I’ve ever had. All he wants is to start Life’s Revolution. And this revolution is for the world to wake to their true nature, for everyone to no longer have drama and suffering in their life from their stories of who they think they should be. That everyone simply enjoys everyday as it is.

And all of this starts simply, with you, here now. So get in touch with him below, and have an informal chat now. So you can learn more about Life’s Revolution, Your Final Transformation!

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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