Don’t Worry, I Know!

Don’t you hate a Know- It- All?

Those people that profess to know everything. Always have an answer?

Or, do you admire those people who spend hours learning for fun? They have a pile of books next to their bed. (I’ll admit I have a pile of unread books next to my bed, I’m still hoping that at some point I will absorb the knowledge from these through osmosis- I’ll let you know if I figure that out!).

Well when Maxx talks about Knowing, this is COMPLETELY different to knowledge. The Words of Magic- Final Transformation is not a programme where you collect knowledge. This is where you come to know who you are. Now how do you know the difference? Well this is difficult to explain, but let me give this a shot!

Well, think of when you meet someone for the first time, you learn their name. The next time you see them, you might recognise them. You realise you know them, but can’t place anything else about them. This is the same as having a recognition of who you are, but you don’t actually know yourself yet. Once you know your true nature, its like knowing that person. So much so that you don’t have talk to yourself about them when you see them. For example, you don’t describe them in your head, you simply enjoy being near them. Well that is knowing. You just know them. And yet this feel like an insufficient explanation, but that’s the easiest way I can think of explaining knowing.

Now who cares? Well, being enlightened is not what you think it is to start with. It is not meditating on a hill. You don’t have a giant heart, where you are constantly telling everyone they are ‘love and light’. You don’t have to accept everything in the world, no matter how you feel about it. You’re not giving people a weird look, as you’re practicing and holding onto being aware and present in the NOW! And you certainly don’t constantly limit your enjoyment of life’s experiences. ((Unless you want to, for example living alone in a cave is not what I fancy, I like my comfy bed!).

So why should you care about enlightenment? Well, my day to day life, I don’t ever over think about what I do. I just am. I don’t worry about the future. I don’t fret about the past memories. I know constant happiness. I don’t ever tell myself I’m not enough of anything. I don’t think I should be anything else other than me. I don’t ever second guess anything I do, and I don’t ever wonder about other peoples behaviour to me, nor do I analyse my relationships (I just enjoy them). Could you imagine what that is like. You simply accept everything as it is, you don’t expect or want anything to be other than what it is. That you are always happy, with every moment, just as it is.

I can’t tell you the gift this is, and I certainly don’t want you to dance around ‘pretending to be me’. As Oscar Wilde said, ‘Don’t try to be someone else, they’re already taken’. The greatest real gift anyone can give you is to introduce you to yourself. And for you to know who you are. You might come to know this reading hundreds of book, spending hours in meditation, being in nature. But to be honest it will take years, if that even works (and trust me I actually tried, all I got was a slipped disc in my back from hiking in nature). I actually woke up, because Maxx wouldn’t stop poking at me until I did. Why? simply put, this is the funniest game in the world to him, and he won’t stop till you do. And this is the greatest gift of my life. I know true love, real ever-lasting happiness. I will never be depressed again, I will never be stuck in a suicidal thought loop thinking I deserve to die, I won’t ever eat myself into a stupor, and I won’t ever want to be anywhere, other than right where I am. And I don’t want you to collect some knowledge on this… I want you to be truly, permanently free.

So, if you are interested in learning more about the Words of Magic- Final Transformation, please get in touch with Maxx below, I’m certain he would love to introduce you to someone amazing… You!

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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