This is all YOUR Fault!

I think we’ve all been there. You just blame everyone else for everything going wrong in your life. I remember having counselling sessions as a young adult, and constantly being pushed into talking about how my family was to blame for the fact I was depressed and suicidal. And from others I talk to this can be a very common experience in counselling. It is all about blaming others for how you have evolved to how you are. You are told you need to learn why you are the way you are.

This is going to sound harsh right now, but you are responsible for everything in your life. EVERYTHING!

If you can be open to this for a moment, I hope this will start to become clearer soon (I’m not trying to be mean honest 😉). I will give you another example, I was one of those women that had my husband tell me out of the blue that he didn’t love me and wanted to separate. I literally had NO idea that was going to happen. For years I refused to take any responsibility for my part in the marriage’s failure. I actually even had the arrogance when we separated to make sure everyone was clear he was 100% to blame for the entire collapse of our relationship.

But what did I get from blaming him?

I got a delusion. I was not honest with myself. And I was the loser in the whole game, not him. I wasn’t honest that I was constantly trying to live in the future (because maybe I could be happy then). I wasn’t honest that I wasn’t kind to him and that I didn’t respect him as a person. And I certainly didn’t admit that whatever he did to show me he loved me, it was never quite enough.

And the perks of all that? Well, there weren’t any. If anything, it was the complete opposite. It kept me from seeing what life is really like. And we can do this all through our life. By simply blaming others, we are blind to ourselves. We are blind to what we really do wrong.

And going back to my counsellor… If you are shot, would stop to try and understand why someone shot you? Or would you just treat the wound.

So next time you get trapped in a blame game. Take a moment and ask yourself if there really is anyone to blame? This is because this game has only one loser, you. This keeps you from seeing your life as it really is. It keeps you un- enlightened, as you won’t see the truth of your own nature!

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Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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