I’m the King of the Castle!

And you’re the Dirty Rascal!

I used to play this game so much as a kid, trying to stand taller than people, declaring that I was the king. All of this was me competing with others, wanting to be the best. As of course I could be the best in everything, and that would obviously give me value.

All of this was comparing.

Now, different teachers of mine have said different things to me through my journey to Enlightenment. Some of these talk about the need to remove things from your life. One is Ego. Ego is a very typical one, where you get a sense that you need to do something to expunge this bad thing from your life. Comparison was another that was given to me. That comparison is bad. Especially when this is comparison that make you feel small about yourself.

But this is one of the key challenges for enlightened people. They try to clearly articulate what it is to be awake. To even think of life before, is like trying to think through Mud. It’s not really that clear anymore. We are trying to remember a life that is not relevant anymore. And what enlightened people say is a description of their own way of how they woke up. They talk of what is important in their journey. But also, they simply want to help you reduce your own suffering in this life.

So on they go, making generic statements, expunge these things that cause you suffering in this life. And hey presto, you will wake up. In reality, you will chase this idea around, if I do this, then this will happen. Whereas in fact, there is nothing that you need to do. You simply need to see, once. And then your vision will change.

So, I can make your life a little easier right now. Tell you not to compare to others, and that this will make life a little easier for you. But it won’t in reality. Have you ever seen Tower Records? A character glued some pennies to the floor. And someone later in the movie spends ages trying to pick them up off the floor. And guess what? He can’t get them off! This is the same. If I tell you, don’t compare. You will focus on trying to take the pennies off the floor. And they will never come off.

You can never stop comparing. But, you can see once and for all. You can see that comparison cannot take anything away from who you are. Think of it this way, if you lose an arm, are you less? No. If I also then take away both your legs? Are you less? No. You have compared your experience of life, but this has not and will never change you. And this is the same as any comparison in life. This cannot make you less. The only thing that can make you less, is if you tell yourself you are. But that is just a thought.

All of Maxx’s work is to help you to wake up to your true-self. He does this through his medium, the Words of Magic- The Final Transformation. But to truly be ready for this, you need to be aware of tendencies that we can all have, that might hold you back. One of these is the collection of knowledge. So we would love to welcome you to our free event next Sunday, where Maxx will be talking about knowing in his webinar ‘I need to Know’. We are looking forward to seeing you then!!

And till then… We want you to come to know the light of who you are, for what else is there to know?

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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