You’re so Vain.. You Probably Think this Song is about You!

I think most people know the dulcet crooning of Carly Simon’s ‘You’re so Vain’. When I first used to think of Ego, I would have this little theme tune running through my head. I assumed Ego means selfish. As time went on, I bought into different ideas that Ego is something that I fight with. A primordial force that wants to control me, and make me do things.

I created this identity for ‘my ego’. But alongside it, I also started to buy into this idea that my ego exists to make sure that I think about myself. That it makes sure that I take care of myself. As obviously I didn’t take care of myself. All my self- help books told me I was a self- less woman, therefore I must obviously never take care of myself, right?

As time wore on, I started to read more on spiritual teachers. They talked in detail of ‘Killing your Ego’. And this I just found confusing. It left me thinking I had to die, before I could be free of Ego. But did this mean my Ego was good or bad. And that starts to hint at the problem. Everyone has a different answer for what their Ego is. And how you should treat your Ego, or how your Ego treats you. It means something different to everyone. So what is your ego, if everyone’s idea of an Ego is different?  

The first time I knew what Ego really was, it was after I knew my true nature. This was my first self- realisation. It was crystal clear to me. It just dropped into my thoughts as if it had always been there. And I just knew it was true. And that was the moment when my ‘Ego died’ as some teachers say it. It is because I realised, there is no ego.

Let’s have a test right now. Where is your hand? It’s at the end of your arm, right? So let’s try and locate your ego now. You can’t right? If you think you have an Ego, you believe that you have it. You create it because you believe it. But if you wake up to the fact this is not real, then you will be free of Ego.

This is one step on the journey to becoming enlightened. But this is all just knowledge, until you wake up to the story of who you are. And I cannot describe the difference this will make to your life. Because however I describe this, it is insufficient. So if you want to take your first step towards your Final Transformation to Enlightenment, contact Maxx directly. As there is no greater gift, than to wake up to the light of who you are.

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