Lie down on the Couch and Tell me Everything

Through life we have sessions with counsellors, paying someone to listen to us talk. We will also talk to our friends and our family about our woes. Complaining about how people may have done wrong to us, or how something has gone wrong in our life.

All through these moments we are seeking to be understood. Seeking for others to understand and help us to analyse our pain. But what does this actually do for us? What does it actually change? Nothing.

But we enjoy this simple story. We enjoy the fun of the attention and to be told that we are good people. We enjoy discussing the recommendations to try and then improve our lives, and then whether those things will work. Regardless about whether we will do it or not. It is a story that we enjoy, simply that and nothing more. And this, is completely natural.

Going beyond this, we can get deeply involved in spirituality. This is a broad topic, covering past life’s, crystals, Reiki, Horoscopes, Religion and the list goes on. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of spiritual groups on Facebook. These groups are filled with discussions on what things mean. Whether this is the star alignments, spiritual signs or what the meaning of life is. All of this is us trying to understand the world around us. Trying to understand what life means. But we will come back with questions to all of this. Sometimes we know that Jesus and God are truth. But we can have moments when we question, if there was a God, why do bad things happen? Why is there murder, why is there poverty? This questioning comes because it is not consistent. Only truth never changes. But also, truth can never be understood. And this is the truth of who you are. Who you really are.

And isn’t it amazing?

So in life we try to be understood and try to understand. But what does this bring you? Nothing. And if this always changes, how can this be truth? It isn’t. It simply isn’t. So, test this, see what it brings you, simply as it is. Trying to understand, it is a fruitless task. It is fun, and we can enjoy, but this brings you nothing. And that can drive us to keep trying, maybe we can get it if we just try a little more? Just think a little more, talk a little more to our tribe. But this is only a story, something you simply enjoy. But again, this is not truth. This is not who you are.

And this is what can bug me about counselling. If you are paying for someone’s continuous income, analysing with them about who you are, why you are the way you are. All your counsellor is doing is getting you to live in a story. But if you know who you are, you see the story, you see the fruitlessness of constantly analysing. It brings you nothing as there is nothing to understand. And you will understand there is no end to counselling. But if you know your truth, you will end any need for counselling, forever.

So if you want to be done with this search. Done with the need to try and understand, to be understood. When you want to know what is constant. To wake up to the truth of who you are, then get in touch with the Magician. And he can help you to know who you are. Once and for all.  

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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