Where is the Ocean?

Part way through the new Disney movie ‘Soul’ one of the characters tells a story. A little fish swims up to an older fish, asking ‘Where is the Ocean?’. The older fish turns around and says ‘You are in it’. The younger fish turns around and states ‘This is just water’.

This is a parody to the search of truth itself.

We look for an explosion. We look for life to be more than it is. As we desire more than life itself. And in that moment, the same as the little fish, we assume, how can basic water be the great wonderous ocean? This is simply because we miss the truth of life itself.

In the same way this leads us on a never-ending search. We constantly want life to be more than life. Until we learn to appreciate what is before us. And when we can appreciate what is before us, doesn’t life really show how magical it is?

Have you ever been filled with awe when watching a nature programme? These well selected clips of where something incredible happens. Well, that beauty that you are awed by is in your garden. It’s in the park. And it is your everyday. Do you just only want to see the highlights? We then miss the beauty of life itself. And what power that brings? To have appreciation and have awe of your everyday.

By stopping searching for the explosion, by stopping expecting more. We slowly stop expecting more from life. We start to end our search. And in those moments we live for life itself. Not the latest gadget, not the adrenaline rush, not the perfect job, not a purpose for life. Because life is life. There is nothing else. And we are already in the ocean.

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