I am… Iron Man!

Towards the end of the first Iron Man movie, the character Tony Stark is told, ‘do not say you are Iron Man, under no circumstances!’ And yet in a moment of bravado, in front of the press he goads the journalists. It would be outlandish to own the truth, right? Who would say ‘I am Iron Man’!

We do that everyday though. Don’t we? In the English culture, if someone says, ‘owh I’m so stupid today’ don’t we automatically reply ‘not as stupid as me!’. Or we’ll make a mistake and tell ourselves that we’re ugly, or a bad person.

Everyday we’ll twist our own truth. And if someone dares to say something positive about themselves, don’t we think they’re arrogant? Or, maybe, don’t we wish we could do the same? 

Why is it so wrong to own our truth? Is it that hard to admit that everyone and every creation in the world is unique? We are all special and have something we are amazing at. So then why can’t we own our uniqueness? Is it really so wrong? It actually comes down to our belief in ourselves. If you haven’t yet, listen to the magician’s podcast ‘It’s only what you believe’. And realise you can change your settings, just like that! Own your truth. Own what makes you an individual-powerful-unique creation. Encourage others to own their beauty. Rather than cheering on perpetual negativity. 

Why? Because you are Iron Man!

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