In my defence, Your Honour!

Whenever I hear the phrase, ‘I would love to, But’. Or, I’ll make a comment and then immediately someone retorts with an argument against what I said. I just think you are not listening (Don’t worry, I do this too!). But why does this matter? Everyone gets defensive, it’s a natural way that we function. 

There’s one reason it matters. If you are being defensive, you are NOT listening. Sometimes we just don’t want to listen. Sometimes we just want someone to be sympathetic, to tell us we’re wonderful and beautiful the way we are. We effectively want someone to tell us what we know ourselves isn’t true. I’m currently repeating this exercise with the Magician. Please tell me I’m beautiful, even though I know I’ve put on a COVID stone (as they call it). 

Well, the problem with all of this is that, by being defensive, asking someone to lie to us, we are asking someone to keep us in the dark. To keep staying with us in our lie. What if we didn’t? What if we chose to be honest and let others be honest with us? What if we let someone bring a light into our darkness. To help pull us into the light? 

You can, at any point. And that’s also why people can have problems with recognising their true nature. It’s because yes, it is that simple. If you listen. Everyone is enlightened, you just don’t know it yet. Why? Because we all like to talk to ourselves, we all like to have that ‘Yes, but I know’. If you have to say BUT, or immediately retort, you are not listening and that is the key. If you are silent? What is there?… It’s you. Its the truth of who you are. So remember a long walk in nature, that deep breath in and pure silence of your mind? That is beautifully and simply you. There’s nothing else you need to, or can understand. Everything else is you having a beautiful conversation with yourself. It is simply a demonstration of that power of our minds. 

Isn’t it amazing? 

If you’re saying, yes, but… Get in touch! We would love to hear from you, to help your But, butt out of the way!

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