We all have these moments in our life. We have an invitation to Transform. An invitation to change, to wake up. Everyone in life will have these difficult and dark moments. It’s what we choose to do with this. I can count so many people in my life that will go one of two ways. They will see the opportunity to Transform and see its truth. It is an invitation to LIVE. Or we can crash and crumble, eat chocolate and refuse to move from the bed.

Eckhart Tolle talks very openly about his own experience of Transformation. In this he talks about the experience of waking up. As for him this was something that just happened. My difficulty with this, is it makes enlightenment a gift for the few. You have to be hit by the magic fairy pixie dust and if you’re a really really really good person, then maybe, just maybe you will wake up. And this simply isn’t true. Everyone can wake up. You’re reading this post right now! Even this is simply an invitation for you to wake up to your nature. To be free of the drama, and to see the simplicity of life as it is and to enjoy every moment.

So take the offered hand, choose to wake up to LIFE. This isn’t a gift for the few, it’s simply a choice to wake up to the truth of life. A choice to transform. And don’t be fooled, nothing magical has to happen. You just need to hear a few Words of Magic.  

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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