Down Alice’s Rabbit Hole

When you are on the spiritual path you run down these different rabbit holes. In each hole, you’ll have the options of bumping into the Cheshire cat, the smoking Caterpillar or even the Queen of Hearts.

Each time we find the end of this Rabbit hole we will congratulate ourselves. Here is the Answer to all! We are now satisfied. We are enough. Until we’re not. And that’s the thing, it will happen again and again, till you wake up.

The call for me has always been in several different paths, until I had a moment when my mind was blown away. The Magician and I had had an argument. In an exceedingly kind response to me, he said ‘What if you just forgave yourself?’ And that was it. My mind was completely silent for days. I walked around in bliss for several days on a Thai island. And I realised Enlightenment can be something for everyone. It isn’t a myth. My problem was I then made this a delightful experience that I just chased and chased and chased. 

And that’s the different Rabbit holes we’ll try. Each will be under the hope that this will deliver us back home. The most natural home of all, our true Nature. And until we’re ready to let go of the dream of Wonderland, we can never return home. This is because we’re always looking for the mystical, the experience, as our natural life is not enough. Enlightenment cannot just be simple, it has to be so much more!

But it is not, Enlightenment, Waking up, realising the Joke and taking one deep laugh, because there is no body. That’s when you will be free. If you want to know more, I’d really recommend reaching out to the Magician to see if you are ready, or even if you just want to chat! We would love to hear from you! 🙂

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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