Everyone has natural likes and dislikes. Things that they enjoy and don’t. Well, duh! you can say. That’s true. But there are moments when our life can be filled with Zealots. When you are swimming in the same direction as them, they will do nothing but support you if you agree with them. Carrying the weakest in the shoal with them. Continuously looking to re- affirming the same belief, which becomes more extreme over time. Believing this belief to be fact. When it is simply a thought.

If you try to separate from the shoal, taking a different direction, the shoal will turn on you. Taking bites out of your side, nipping at you. Trying to force you back into the one direction. Following the one belief, obsessing with only one viewpoint. In taking bites out of you, they will congratulate themselves. Enjoying the ice cream of congratulatory statements against you. Savouring the sugary insults. Praising each other as though each comment will land a victory blow.

As we all swim through our own life, we will have moments that we pursue what we enjoy. I love to write; I have since I was a child. My husband has always taken joy in helping others through talking with them. It is natural to pursue what you enjoy out of life. However, others will always question your behaviour and choices in life, as they do not want or enjoy the same. If you move away from the shoal’s direction, they will try to pull you back in. But don’t! We live this life to enjoy. You cannot find joy in someone else’s likes, as they couldn’t in yours.

So quit that job and make cakes every day if you want. Paint a picture of the world as you want. And don’t take nips out of others for pursuing their own dreams. It brings you no ice cream, it only brings drama and enjoyment from creating suffering for others. And suffering only breeds suffering for yourself.

This is the same when you wake up. You can only do this alone. To want to know your true nature, to desire to understand life itself is something that you can only really pursue yourself. A lot of people may not understand that. May want to deter you off course. And that’s fine, leave them to their ice cream. Trying to convince them to swim with you will only add distraction and drama to your journey. Deterring you from your path. So why bother, leave them to it! See for yourself, as after all, you are the only one that can wake yourself up to Truth. And it is such a joy when you do. Life is so much simpler, as you see the truth of the Zealots. They are simply following a master they create in their life. And wouldn’t you rather be the whale? Blazing your own path? Knowing your truth?

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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