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Society is driven by Consumerism, that constant need to buy more, have more, take more, own more. The problem with this is two- fold. Society’s run on a need to constantly buy, our economy becomes dependant, based on our ability to spend. Which then means that we are driven by a constant need to have money, to buy. This then means we are constantly taking from the world around us, and generating waste continually by throwing away things, to make space for the new.

This comes to our second problem. We place value on possessions. And we start to think that happiness comes with new toys. We become driven to think about the latest purchase, the new phone, new TV, new car. But when we finally have this new possession, how long does the happiness last? How long does the elation last for? A day after you open the box? An hour after pulling off the cellophane?

It’s easy to see this applies to so many things in life. When you buy this, when you get that job, when you travel there. Always living in the future, always dependant on a when. Thinking once you have this, then you will be happy. However, this happiness is always temporary. In truth, buying new things, or getting that new job, none of this will create everlasting happiness, at most a temporary happiness. And a good portion of this happiness can come in the thoughts before you have the latest toy. So why not just create an Amazon wish list. Enjoy looking at all the things you’d like to have. It doesn’t mean you have to buy anything. But you can have the happiness and joy from simply thinking about something. This way you don’t have to contribute to driving society on consumerism. Better yet, you don’t have to be dependant on owning things to be happy.

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  1. I enjoyed listening to the podcasts aswell as reading those little stories. I believe that they convey a good message and it is easy to listen to. I totally agree that people are always busy being busy and don’t enjoy little things, nor do they take (or want to take) the time to experience their everyday feelings. They’re often chasing other things and don’t focus on the things happening right now and then they wonder why they are always unhappy.

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