Meditation as a Tool

Mindfulness and meditation moved into mainstream over the last few years. Often being quoted as a mental health regime, relaxing, or the more extreme Vipassana retreats. The problem I started to find with this personally is that I became confused. There are so many different methods, and techniques within the methods, and then different retreats offering peace for your mind. The truth within this is there is no right or wrong method, simply an application of what can be the right or wrong technique for yourself.

The first step is to find a technique that can work for you. The Magician on his own path tried courses, Vipassana and Yoga retreats. Myself, I tried spiritual courses, mobile app‘s and Kundalini. All of these were part of spiritual learnings that we enjoyed at different points. However, for us, meditation never helped us to leave the spirtual path and to wake up.

What people never told us, is that meditation is simply a technique. And in fact, for some meditation is a fantastic technique. However you need to understand the goal that you have with meditation first. Are you using this as a path to find enlightenment, to help to calm your mind (and help to make this more efficient) or do you just need to relax for a bit. For some, meditation comes naturally and can be highly enjoyable.

If you are in this bucket, keep going! Enjoy! And when you are ready for having life as an endless meditation, get in touch! And the Magician will help you to know your true nature.

If you are not in this group (as I certainly was not), take a breath to realise meditation is a technique to calm yourself. Not to stop your thoughts, but to let your thoughts run in a stream and for you not to fight the nature of this. As a stream through the year is sometimes a raging river, sometimes it is also a babbling broke. And having an understanding of this can come through different activities. For me, I discovered this walking the Camino. Listening to music, dancing (whislt walking) and being in nature. All of these activities give the same effect to me, as meditation does to others. So find the activity that works for you. Walk on the path and start to see what ‘meditation’ brings. And when you are ready, drop the Magician a note, he would love to hear from you. As all you might need are a few Words of Magic.

Come to know the Light of Who you are, for There is Nothing Else to Know!

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